Friday, January 3, 2014

Lt. Gov to oligarchs - "How Can We Love You More"?

If you needed any more evidence that this administration policies are geared for a select few, let me direct you to this story in today.
A recently released video of the Dec. 9 session at Beloit College shows Kleefisch and state Revenue Department Secretary Rick Chandler extolling state efforts to reduce taxes since Republicans took over state government in 2011, and saying they wanted private-sector ideas for another round of cuts.

“We want to know how we can love you more,” Kleefisch told the group of about 30 executives, managers, accountants and others during the 1-hour, 40-minute session.

And the response from these oligarchs is telling.
They said the state should do more to attract new businesses and help existing companies, loosen restrictions on tax credits, simplify the tax code, cut commercial property taxes, consider lowering income and property taxes while increasing the sales tax, and issue more business loans that don’t need to be paid back in some circumstances.

Four of the 29 at the meeting are employed by Hendricks Holding Co. and its subsidiaries, including ABC Supply Inc. HHC’s owner is billionaire Diane Hendricks, who has been among Walker’s top campaign donors.

ABC’s tax director, Scott Bianchini, said the state should stop disclosing how much residents pay in taxes, saying the information is used for “sabotage.” Contacted Thursday, he wouldn’t say if he was referring to 2012 newspaper reports indicating Hendricks paid no taxes in 2010 because of a change in her company’s structure.
Nothing about improving services or the quality of workers. Just cut my taxes, and the hell with the effect on anyone else (which is why they don't care about raising the sales tax, even though trading income tax cuts for sales tax hikes would increase taxes for 80% of Wisconsinites).

Oh, and they definitely want this administration to kiss their asses and give away the store.
Kory Stoehr, of the McGladrey accounting and consulting company, said his clients complain that state auditors disallow research tax credits, and they tell him what other states are doing to recruit new investment.

“(Company executives) are being flown around in helicopters, just luxurious stuff, and they were given millions in tax incentives,” Stoehr said.
Nothing but GIMME, GIMME, GIMME.

This is how these folks roll. It's also telling that they're the only ones who get access to this administration for input on policy. The next unscripted meeting the Walker folks have with everyday people that make middle and lower-class wages will be their first. And you wonder why they keep failing.

George Carlin said this several years ago, and this farce of a "tax reform talk" shows he's more correct now than ever.

"It's a big club, and you ain't in it." Time to turn those tables in 2014.


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    1. Jerry- You need a hobby. You don't think I read the other blogs and see you spamming them?

      There's nothing in this diatribe that's on the very serious topic of closed-door oligarchy making the decisions for all of us. Stay on topic, or I won't print it.