Monday, October 20, 2014

Johnny Rotten's right- step up and VOTE

This is great stuff from John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd.), emphasizing the importance of voting and getting involved. He's talking about British politics, but it's scarily accurate for our situation today.

"You have to vote. You have to make a change. You’re given lousy options, yes. But better that than nothing at all. Vote. Stand up and be counted. My advice to any member of the working class is to get smart, read as much as you can, and find out who’s using you. I did. What’s wrong with you?"
- John Lydon
100% correct. The oligarchs want us in 99%-land to be 1. misdirected, so we take out our resentments to "others" instead of the people who have been screwing us (what Lydon says about UKIP could easily be translated over to young, working-class men in America that vote Republican). And then the owners of the country hope years of people being let down by the system leads to 2. Cynicism and hopelessness, which shows in non-voting.

I say let's all vote out the scumbags and Koch-suckers instead. There's a whole lot more of us than them, so why not use that power of numbers to make them fear us? There's a reason they want to suppress our votes, because they can't win on their own. Unlike Going to non-voting and/or revolution should only happen when there are no other legal options left. We're close to that point, but we're not there yet, and we can start turning the tide back in 15 days.

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