Thursday, October 23, 2014

School vouchers- straight cash to those who didn't need it, homey!

This story shouldn't surprise you, but it's still absurd and disgusting all the same.
The vast majority of students receiving a taxpayer-subsidized voucher to attend private school this year did not go to a Wisconsin public school last year.

Data released Thursday by the state Department of Public Instruction shows that just over 19 percent of the 538 students who entered the statewide program this year attended a public school last year.

Over the two years of the program, just under 20 percent of those receiving a voucher came from a public school.
This relates to the expanded voucher program that was taken statewide starting in 2013-14, and you can take a look at the report from the Department of Public Instruction yourself. It gives a good summary of the figures from the last two years, and it's also worth noting that while the number of vouchers in this program were expanded by 500 for this year, but in both years less than 1 in 5 students that received vouchers attended public schools the prior year.

In other words, this program is largely using taxpayer dollars to subsidize the private educations of students who are already in these schools. That applies for both the student's families, and the religious organizations that run these schools. And it's being done at the expense of public schools throughout the state that could use those millions of dollars to defray property tax increases and keep the lights on.

I listen to Sly's show online on occasion, and I noticed the voucher lobby is constantly running ads propping up Howard Marklein for Senate and (drunk as hell) Todd Novak for State Assembly. But the commercials feature nothing but lame GOP pablum about "taxes," and never mention they're promoting this candidate because that guy will vote to give more taxpayer money to these unaccountable schools. Now why do you think the voucher people are trying to hide what they're REALLY about in these rural Wisconsin districts? Couldn't have something to do with their role in creating the red and beige in this map, could it?

And never forget, the number one money-funneler for these voucher ads? None other than convicted criminal Scott Jensen, who was let off the hook from serving serious jail time in Waukesha County by... GOP Attorney General candidate Brad Schimel. Funny how things work out that way in the WisGOP machine, doesn't it?


  1. Weird/sad story about Scott Jensen. You know he went to public school? I actually attended the same middle school as Jensen (yrs later; late '90s) and my 7th grade history teacher would go on and on about how Scott Jensen had been his best student ever. He would say things like "Scott Jensen used to sit in this very desk, right here. And if you study and work hard, you can go on to be Speaker of the State Assembly some day too." He was so genuinely proud of his former pupil.
    My history teacher was a positively outstanding educator. He was just a couple yrs before retirement when I had him, but the energy and enthusiasm he brought to the classroom every day was unparalleled. He demanded a lot of his students, but was always kind and encouraging at the same time. One of the best teachers I ever had at any level.
    Somehow Scott Jensen passed through this dedicated public servant's classroom, benefiting as I did from his wisdom and encouragement, and then saw fit to set about undermining public education in Wisconsin. I don't understand. I guess I hope that Mr. Jensen finds all that special interest money fulfilling.

  2. Good story, lufthase. Thanks for sharing.

    Some people use their intelligence for good, while others become Scott Jensen and use it for greed and evil.

    Unfortunately, being a selfish, hate-mongering crook seems to be what gets you ahead in the suburban Milwaukee GOP. Which is why none of those people should EVER be elected to statewide office again.