Sunday, October 5, 2014

Random weekend thoughts

Been down visiting family in St. Louis for the weekend, where Fall has also arrived, but at least it hasn't had the snow like back home.

1. On the drive down, I got gas and food in Central Illinois, and you forget how damaged some of these places in rural America have become over the last decade. YIKES!

2. The Schlafly Brewery and tasting room at St. Louis Brewery is quite alright. As is the restorative powers of "adult" apple cider on a cool Fall night.

3. Why is every Badgers' trip to Northwestern the same? Weather is gray and cold, and Bucky finds a way to lose in some infuriating style? I have ratcheted down my expectations for this season, even with the Big Ten being awful and Mel Gordon being great.

4. Here is a great list of economic stats showing how much better off we are now compared to 5 years ago. I still think President Obama is too close to Wall Street and free traders hasn't done nearly enough to counteract the disaster of the Bush years, but if a Republican was half this successful at adding jobs and reducing the deficit, the right-wing bubble-world would be adding this guy's face to Mt. Rushmore.

Back to Dairyland and reality for Monday.

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