Sunday, November 30, 2014

8 crazy days and nights....

Wasn't there in person, but got to listen/watch about all of the Badgers' bad first 20 minutes, and their big comeback over the last 40. And now onto Indy!

Hey, you gotta beat Minnesota in something, cause it sure isn't in economic performance! I guess I'll have to settle for this for the time being.

Now we get the Pack vs Pats (and judging on the amount of Packer and Patriot gear I saw in the Milwaukee airport yesterday, people are already fired up for this). What a monster matchup, and a key game for the Pack, because I think a win gives them the inside track for the division and a much easier road to the Super Bowl.

Then add in Duke coming to the Kohl Center to play the Badgers in hoops on Wednesday. Is this the biggest game of the non-conference season in all of college hoops? The scalper prices at Stubhub sure think so, with the LOWEST-priced ticket listed at $130 as of today.

And then finally on Saturday, where you start the day with those Badgers hoopsters going to Milwaukee to play Marquette in the Gold's Golden Eagles' Super Bowl in what likely will be a sold-out crowd at the Bradley Centerr. Then Bucky football goes to Indy for the title game against Ohio State that night (and yes, I think Bucky can certainly win that game).

Lots of big-time games for 8 days, and it sure beats dealing with the idiocy in the malls or the foolishness coming out of WisGOP bubble world. Maybe there's a point in all that.

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