Sunday, November 16, 2014

A fun snowy Saturday at the Camp

Yeah, it was snowing and sub-30 degrees yesterday, but it sure made for a cool view from under the upper deck yesterday at Camp Randall.

And it isn't very cold at all when you see your alma mater administer an epic BEATDOWN, and you get to see history being made.

From 17-3 down to 59=-17 up in about 2 1/2 quarters. And not against Little Sisters of the Poor, but a nationally-ranked Nebraska team that was 8-1 going into the game. That what a hell of a lotta fun to watch, and shockingly easy.

Let's see if the Pack makes it a complete sports weekend this afternoon. I know more than a few people that were pulling the Camp Randall/Lambeau "double" this weekend, including some guys I spoke to from Philly who made the trip down to Madison as a prelude to seeing their Eagles on the Frozen Tundra. Hope they enjoyed the Saturday show from Mel Gordon and company, and that they don't find the game today as enjoyable.

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  1. And the Pack did come through in a big way. Both of those games were remarkably satisfying. Now it's two big division road tests for both Bucky and the Pack. They should win both, but they can't take em for granted.