Monday, November 3, 2014

Don't just vote at the top of the ballot!

We're down to it being a turnout game for tomorrow's election, since there's not anything that'll develop in the next 27 hours to change a lot of people's minds. And while the East Coast-centric media has been harping on the results in the U.S. Senate and whether or not the Dems or the GOPs will control it, the always-brilliant John Oliver rightfully points out the elections that are probably more important than the Senate- the ones that decide Governor's mansions and state-houses. Plus, the ads are often more entertaining! And yes, our friends at ALEC make an appearance in the last 5 minutes.

Plus state legislatures are incubators for a lot of the goofiest people and sleazy ALEC alums who try to "make it" later on a bigger stage (Scott Walker and Glenn Grothman, to name two). Getting these dingbats out of the Capitol before the become too big for their tiny abilities is an important thing that far too few of us take notice about. It's why it's almost as important that Dems add seats in the Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly tomorrow as it is for Mary Burke and Susan Happ to win their elections (I said ALMOST). Because if you think we've seen bad, bizarre and destructive stuff get passed in the last four years, the next two or four will likely be worse, and make the damage more permanent.

Choose wisely, my friends.

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