Saturday, April 2, 2016

Walker suppression means Obama must act to protect voting rights

This is excellent work by Chris Hayes of MSNBC and Ari Berman of The Nation on yesterday's FUBAR in Wisconsin on the last day of early voting, and how Scott Walker and the WisGOP Legislature have conspired to suppress the vote in multiple ways ahead of Tuesday's primary election.

As I stated after the debacle in Arizona where a lack of polling places led to 5-hour waits for the right to vote in urban areas, this is no accident, and it requires a FEDERAL solution. I don't care if the Supreme Court gutted parts of the Voting Rights Act last year, it is well past time for President Obama to use the power of the Federal government to guarantee that all citizens are able to exercise their Federal right to vote in a Federal election. And if the ALEC-owned GOP hacks in state and local government whine about it? FUCK THEM, make them try to impeach the president for sticking up for the right to vote.

The failure of this president to use the power of the federal government to override these rogue states and make sure we continue to have a more perfect union is one of the largest setbacks of the Obama Administration (a presidency that I'd still rate a B or B+, by the way). And we need federal DOJ agents and troops on the ground in Wisconsin NOW, because I fear many more shenanigans on Tuesday to suppress the vote just enough to possibly throw the Supreme Court race to that right-wing hack Rebecca Bradley. There also is likely to be more disgusting embarrassments and miscarriages of justice in many other ALEC states in November if this president fails to step up today, send the message that this will not be tolerated in America, and DO HIS JOB in making sure citizens of this country are able to exercise their Constitutional rights.

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  1. Nice work.
    Cap Times did a piece on the some 34 election-rigging bills Walker put through the Repulsives' legislature, essentially trying to gerrymander the entire state of Wisconsin: