Thursday, July 6, 2017

Austerity Scotty now wants a bailout from DC?

Getting ready to hit Summerfest after I (hopefully) watch the Brewers finish off the Cubs, but one quick thought on our Fair Governor asking for a $341 million bailout from Donald Trumpfor our DOT.

This is money that is "left over" from other projects throughout the nation, and "banking" that money would reduce our deficit and/or can pay down our debt. And the same Scott Walker that wants more spending sent our way is the same Scott Walker who supports a Constitutional Convention with the ALEC-supported purpose of...reining in Federal spending.

Is Walker this stupid, incoherent and economically illiterate? Or does he think the average WISGOP voter is?

More thoughts tomorrow.


  1. So Governor Walker turns down Federal dollars for the expansion of Medicaid, and that's awful. Now he's WANTING Federal funds for transportation... and that's awful. I'll say one thing for you, Jake... no one will ever accuse you of having consistency of intellect, LOL!

    1. No Bradley Boy. I think Walker pleading with Trump for a bailout is LAUGHABLE, and proof that this idiot has no realistic plan to fix the roads.

      You know this stupid. OWN IT

  2. You explain the incoherent scene very well. Walker is clearly playing politics in tune with his big backers. They have reached an endpoint with their views, and expect zero-information voters to back them up for election victory. But voters TRUELY need to be informed to cast an honest vote.

    I survived the whole July 4th "weekend," and hope people read someone who--I'm not an academic--writes about a topic I explored in the mid-1990s as a researcher in DC (spending quite a bit of time in the bowels of George Mason University). Nancy MacLean's "Democracy In Chains" helps explain why we have public "choice" to promote schools being privatized, all as a reaction to racial desegregation.

    Well worth a look, and just as important as the 70's GOP Powell Memo. It's not all Milton Friedman, it's James Buchanan as well...