Sunday, March 19, 2017

Brilliant! Rural Wisconsin voted to lose their Obamacare

One common theme that comes up when discussing the GOP's "Trump-Ryancare" plan in Congress is that older rural white Americans who favored Donald Trump are the ones most likely to be hurt by the GOP's plan. whose subsidies for buying coverage on the ACA's exchanges are not likely to be enough to cover the higher premiums they will have to pay.

And Wisconsin is an excellent example, with Craig Gilbert's article in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel including this illustration showing that Northern and Western Wisconsin will end up paying the most under the GOP's plan to replace Obamacare.

Sean Duffy "represents" the 7th district of Wisconsin in Congress, which has the most recipients of insurance through the Obamacare exchanges out of any district in the state. However, GOP drone Duffy thinks that that the Magic of Mr. Market will save the many lower-income residents of the 715.
Duffy said Saturday he has concerns about the ability of some older people to purchase a health care plan with the GOP tax credit as it is currently designed.

“The final page hasn’t been written” on the bill, he said. “Maybe we can improve the amount of money that an individual in their 60s gets in regard to their refundable tax credit.”

But Duffy said he did not favor the approach under Obamacare of offering bigger tax credits to people in higher-cost counties (though that has meant more generous subsidies in his rural district). And that view appears to be the prevailing one among House Republicans.
Oh yeah, Sean. There are insurance companies and health providers just lining up to give Boomer-aged guys in Tomahawk a low-price, high-coverage plan. Is this guy truly this out of touch with how the Real World economy works, or is just too Koched up to admit the truth?

Look, maybe you rurals thought that Hillary was an elitist bitch who didn't speak to what you felt, and you decided to show us smarty-pants urbanites by voting for Trump and (mo)Ron Johnson because they had "business sense." But you were voting to cut your own throat, and those "businessmen", the rest of the Republican Party, and their puppetmasters care even less about what happens to you, especially since rural people aren't a profitable market for most corporate businesses.

Meanwhile, "Smarty-Pants liberal" Jake in Madison thinks that you deserve the same options in health care that rich people in bigger cities have, and I think being born and raised in a small town shouldn't mean you have to settle for a second-class existence. But apparently you don't feel the same way, because you think you have to "make us listen to you" by voting for the less-intelligent, "non-politically correct" person because it's going to teach us.....what?

No offense rurals, but if you don't want to help yourself and this state by voting for politicians who actually care about the well-being of their constituents and the communities they leave behind, then why should I be nice to you? Grow up, vote smarter, get some self-respect, and stop electing jerk-off Republicans who do not give a crap about you and in providing the services that give you opportunities for a better life.

You do this to yourself....and that's what really hurts. It's just too bad that your pig-headed decisions also drive the rest of us down the drain as well. STOP IT.

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  1. PS- John Peterson at Democurmudgeon has been a great source on the real-life effects of the GOP's attempt to gut Obamacare. Make it a regular read.