Saturday, January 19, 2019

Foxconn fails in jobs while succeeding in taking money from rest of the state

So Foxconn couldn't even hire 260 people last year? Well then they don't get the handful of dollars they were supposed to from that.

Unfortunately, as Tamarine Cornelius of the Wisconsin Budget Project reminds us, Foxconn is still going to get a ton of money from Wisconsin taxpayers, even if they never hit a jobs goal in this year or any other year.

Never forget that all that money getting funneled down to the SE corner of the state could have fixed a whole lotta Scottholes in the rest of the state. And it's already falling short of the jobs Foxconn claimed it would add.

Can we just cut these guys a check for $100 mil and have them go away so we don't continue to be handcuffed by this albatross down the line?


  1. I'd gladly give them the $100 million to go away but we also owe Mount Pleasant for 60% of infrastructure ($400 Million$) and then someone has to clean up the construction site that extends for miles and miles along I 94. I am still all for it.

  2. Mount Pleasant might be on the hook for more than that, as the Racine Journal-Times reportedover the weekend that the local subsidies related to Foxconn may now reach $912 million.

    And as you mention, part of the Fox-con is the "moral obligation clause" that puts state taxpayers on the hook for 40% of unrecovered costs.

    What a great pork project for Robbin' Vos' district, eh?

  3. It is pork but also could destroy it in the long term when that infrastructure has to be maintained by local property taxes.

    1. But Vos and Walker and DeGroot and all the others who approved of that boondoggle plan to be out of office and cashing in when the bill comes due.