Thursday, April 18, 2019

A few thoughts on Mueller

I want to give a couple of words about today's Mueller Report. I'll start with a couple of bits from MSNBC contributors.

It's clear that Mueller didn't file charges against Trump and his family members not because they weren't clear of wrongdoing, but because Mueller felt that it wasn't his place to charge these elected officials.

So instead, it falls to Congress to formally prosecute and punish. And not only should Trump be the subject of impeachment hearings, but Barr for covering it up. In fact, I'd say get Barr oon the stand first and ask why he has lied for Trump and covered up this report instead of simply passing the report ahead to Congress and acting as "the country's attorney" instead of a GOP hack.

Having lived through the criminally corrupt Walker era here, I see how the routine works in GOPWorld. These guys expect Dems and our court system to play by the book and try to be respectful, then exploit that belief in fairness by hammering their way through by hook or by crook, denying and gaslighting at every turn to confuse the public, and daring anyone to stop them.

So you know what response is to that attitude? YOU DROP THE HAMMER ON THEM, make their life a living hell, and expose their sickening behavior to such a level that the casual person cannot ignore it. If it's not what "the book" says, I don't care. This needs to be about making sure no one is allowed to be above the law, and then crushing them to a point that they never try anything like this again.

If impeachment proceedings do not happen now, we will be stuck with this situation.

That "one party" is the Dems. It can't stay that way. It has to be applied to both.

What is the point of being in control of a house of Congress if you do not use the power that you have been given by the voters? The only way voters won't care about the disgusting criminality and compromised behavior of the Trump Administration is if the Dems send the message of "We will let them get away with it." Then people will say there's no difference between the two parties, and Dems lose any advantage they might get by not being scumbags like the GOP.

DC Dems need to stop counting votes and taking polls, open an impeachment inquiry, and start public hearings next week. And don't you DARE let this go down the memory hole. In this case, if you lead, the people will follow.

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