Monday, August 23, 2021

Jake does redistricting Pt. 1 - Congress in Wisconsin

Since the Census numbers for redistricting came out 11 days ago, I've done some map-drawing, and I wanted to let you see what I came up with.

For Congress, we know that District 4 in Milwaukee needs to take up more land (due to population loss) and District 2 in and around Madison should be shrunken (due to Dane County's big gains in population). So here we go.

I chose to move District 3 (the seat Ron Kind is giving up in Western Wisconsin) to take up some of the section of Mark Pocan's District 2 that are west and northwest of Madison, and I took out Stevens Point from District 3 and moved it into Glenn Grothman's District 6. Tom Tiffany's District 7 ends up being basically all of the 715 area code west and north of Eau Claire/Menomonie, and I tightened up Mike Gallagher's District 8 in Green Bay/Appleton, in accordance to good population growth in those 2 metro areas.

In the Milwaukee area, I made Scott Fitzgerald's District 5 basically be the WOW Counties and some of Jefferson, while expanding District 4 more into Wauwatosa and West Allis. And for District 1, I moved Beloit from District 2 into Bryan Steil's current district, and took out some of Waukesha County in the process.

You put it together by how people have voted in Wisconsin in the main statewide races between 2016 and 2020 (total margin among those races is Dems +1), and it comes out as follows.

1 GOP district by nearly 30 points (5)
3 GOP districts by 12-15 points (6,7,8)
2 toss up districts within 2 points (1 and 3)
2 Dem districts by 40-50 points (2,4)

I was more looking at it from geographic match, particularly in terms of the media markets the districts were in, more than who voted for what. I'd call a 4-2-2 map relatively fair for Wisconsin, with 3 GOP districts coming into play if Dems were to pull a 10-12 point landslide statewide.

So have at it!

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