Wednesday, August 4, 2021

UW should tell WisGOPs to take a flying leap, and mask up anyway

I’ve had a day to get my eyes unrolled from this idiocy (and other f*ckery in the world), after a group of Wisconsin Republicans decided not to come to their senses on Tuesday.

Under the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules’ vote, which was carried out through the use of paper ballots and without a formal meeting or public comment, the UW System will have to submit any plans for COVID-19 policies to the committee as emergency rules within 30 days — or cease mandating any such measures.

Once rules are submitted, the committee will have the ability to vote to suspend parts or all of the measures. Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has no veto power over the committee’s actions.

The measure passed 6-4, with all Republican members of the committee in favor and all Democratic members opposed.
And check out this justification from Co-Chair Adam Neylon (R-Pewaukee), who has apparently decided that performing stunts for the AM 1130 Klan is more important than the health of his many constituents in Lake Country that attend UW schools (and their parents, who end up in contact with them).
“As of now, several UW campuses are seeking masking and testing policies enacted on campuses with university police departments reserving the ability to enforce such policies. What comes next? The idea that a university chancellor has the power to unilaterally require vaccinations is an incredibly dangerous precedent to set and precisely the power they seek by circumventing the rule-making process.

“If the UW System wants to implement COVID policies on campus they should follow the process set forth in state law. I would imagine Wisconsin’s public university system would welcome that type of transparency and accountability.
“They should follow the process set forth in state law.” That “law” was the Lame Duck bullshit GOPs like Neylon rammed through after Dems swept the 2018 elections. This is what never gets pointed out to these scumbags – they created these laws out of their backsides. It’s not like it was handed down on high or written into the state constitution 170 years ago.

The UW System should proceed as-is, allowing campuses to come up with their own masking, vaccination and testing procedures, and then hand in their report to the JCRAR on Sept. 2 that says “We leave it up to the campuses and have no formal rules of our own.”

Go ahead WisGOP punks, waste more taxpayer dollars by suing to stop UW campuses from increasing safety and fighting an ongoing pandemic. I’m sure that’ll go over really well with the clear majority of the state (aka, the people that aren’t weak, whiny trailer trash).

Based on their actions, it seems that nASS and Neylon and Robbin’ Vos and LemonHead and the rest of these WisGOP dimwits following this as a model.

The problem for WisGOP is that some gerrymandered committee doesn’t have any authority to stop the UW from taking steps to keep its students and workers from catching COVID-19. They can give an up or down vote to the rules, but do you think Josh Kaul or Tony Evers would lift a finger to help them stop campus safety measures? Or that Evers would go along with any WisGOP attempts to cut the UW’s budget in retaliation?

WisGOPs are paper tigers when it comes to this stuff, and they should be treated accordingly. And their impotence and idiocy should be broadcast statewide, so low-infos can see just how petty and pathetic these WisGOPs really are.

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