Wednesday, June 8, 2022

On eve of hearings, don't forget how Fitz and RoJo helped the coup plot before 1/6

I do think that during the hearings of this month, we'll find out some heinous stuff about the plot to overturn the results of the 2020 election, which culminated in the Capitol Riot on January 6, 2021. This will be in addition to what seems to already be a pretty clear line to begin with, but I want you to remember that 2 GOP Wisconsin Congressmen certaily seemed to know about the coup well before 1/6.

Rememebr this story from January?

Combine the reality that now-Congressman Fitzgerald allowed the fake GOP electors to meet and send their notes to DC, with the story that came out a couple of days ago that gave further proof that this was a strategy sent straight down from TrumpWorld.

Donald Trump’s campaign directed Republican party operatives named as “alternate” electors in Georgia to operate with “complete secrecy and discretion” as the then president attempted to overturn his defeat by Joe Biden.

The startling direction was contained in an email which is part of a US justice department investigation, CNN and the Washington Post reported....

On 13 December 2020, a Georgia campaign official, Robert Sinners, emailed alternate electors due to gather the next day.

He wrote: “I must ask for your complete discretion in this process. Your duties are imperative to ensure the end result – a win in Georgia for President Trump – but will be hampered unless we have complete secrecy and discretion.”
Is there any doubt they did the same thing in Wisconsin? And even after the MAGAts rioted in the Capitol, Fitzgerald voted against certifying the results of the 2020 election in the House.

One other Wisconsin Congressman clearly knew of the coup plot, and that's Senator Ron Johnson.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) was one of three Republican lawmakers who attended MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's virtual meeting to discuss how they could possibly delay the election certification affirming President Joe Biden's win.

According to The Washington Post, the meeting took place just two days before the insurrection on the U.S. Capitol. The group of individuals who met in person assembled at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. Speaking to The Post, Lindell reportedly said that the meeting was for the purpose of discussing the possibility of delaying the election certification.

Other attendees also shared details about the meeting as they revealed a presentation was provided to highlight unfounded claims of alleged voter fraud. However, Johnson appears to be denying the claims.
Wonder if the January 6th Committee might have some emails with Ron Johnson's office copied in? I sure do, and I also remember how RoJo was amplifying the Big Lie in the days before the riot took place.

Then once the riot happened and the coup attempt was put down, RoJo backed off his original plans and voted to allow the will of the people to go through. Spine of steel, I tell ya.

Also on Ron Johnson - this guy was Chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee in the 2 months between the election and January 6th, but he wasn't aware of any chatter about this plot before that awful day? BULLSHIT.

I want to see these two scummy WisGOPs named in these hearings, and the curtain thrown back on how they and other WisGOPs contributed to this attempted coup. Because I have no doubt that they were well aware of what Trump Trash were trying to pull off here in Wisconsin, and in other states around the country.


  1. Unfortunately since Fox News refuses to cover the hearings, RoJo’s voters will remain blissfully unaware of any damning revelations about him. Of course.

    Minnesconsin Tom
    (My Google account no longer works on

  2. Let's not forget Toxic Tom Tiffany's actions/.response either.

    1. I am quite aware of Toxic Tommy's BS, not only in voting against certification, but also in continuing to propel the Big Lie.

      Not that being separated from reality is anything new for Tiffany. Can't figure out why it's tolerated in the 715, though.

  3. That's true, Tom. The brainwashed won't watch. But I am done trying to convince anti-American goobers that they're wrong. I will watch these hearings with my kids, as I watched the Watergate hearings on TV with my parents (well, they must have been watching too since we had just one TV). Let's try not to give into despair and start saying "it won't matter" or that 1/6 was just a "dust up" (as some idiot NFL guy said). We know that what happened that day and what led up to it and who was behind it matters for our democracy, our freedom. We will pay attention. [I'm not saying that you suggested this was not important. Just chiming in after reading a lot of huff & puff that's downplaying these hearings.]

    1. Actually it’s been a long time since I’ve been this optimistic. In spite of my original comment above, I know it doesn’t matter what the die-hard conservatives think and see and learn. It matters what the independent voters—who are the ones who truly decide each election—think and see and learn during the January 6 hearings. Couple that with the fact that the hardcore right-wingers on the Supreme Court are apparently stupid enough to overturn Roe V. Wade BEFORE the midterms instead of after, and you have millions of Americans whose eyes are finally being opened to how cruel and radical the GOP really is. And that their heinous beliefs aren’t just bluster—they’re really going through with turning the United States into a dictatorship. I see good things coming for the Democrats this November, if they don’t mess it up.

      Minnesconsin Tom

    2. Oh Tom, you sweet summer child... When people can't afford gas or food, they'll vote for the party in power. Don't stop believing, though. It's a beautiful thing to see.

    3. Are people out of work or skipping meals? No, no they are not. Nor will they be in 5 months. And it’s not like Republicans have any solution for inflation anyway (well, other than screwing working people).

      But it’s cute how you’re actively rooting for a corporate-driven depression to deflect from the fact that your party is a bunch of traitorous, fascist lowlifes.