Friday, August 12, 2022

Quick note before taking a Taste

Been busy in real life here, so I haven't had that much time to discuss our softening inflation or other oddities that have been going on for the last couple of days. But I did just see this.

But I thought Robbin' was going to wait till he met with his caucus next week! What's the rush, bud?

And I noticed that when asked about this, Little Napoleon blamed everyone but himself for this fiasco, even though VOS chose to hire Gableman, VOS chose to approve all of the taxpayer-funded checks to Gableman, and VOS put wackadoodle Janel Brantdjen in charge of the Assembly's Elections Committee.

Typical mediocre Republican, they want all the power, and the appearance of being in charge. But when things go bad...


It's Great Taste weekend int he Mad City, I got a group of friends coming in from multiple states, and it's time to get this great annual celebration underway. More to follow in days to come.

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