Monday, September 14, 2015

Walker fails spin on CNN...and fails math!

With our Guv plummeting at 2% in the polls, he'll take any air time he can, which is why he landed on Jake Tapper's show on CNN on Sunday trying to give his "I was persecuted by left-wingers/unions crap." Apparently the "tough guy who hates unions" is the latest persona Scotty is going with these days (well, until he stays at 2% going into October).

Unfortunately for Scotty, Jake Tapper isn't as paid off as the Wisconsin media, and he actually tried to call out Walker on his spin. Here's the video (h/t to Democurmudgeon) , and if you can avoid vomiting from the obvious lies and decpetions, check out how "Mr. Unintimidated" won't answer the question about the Kochs, when Tapper asked if Scotty ever took on any right-wing "special interests."

Tapper: "But aren’t the Koch brothers special interests too? Can you give me an example of one time you took on a conservative special interest?"

Walker: "I raised 80 million in three and a half years, 70 percent of it came from people who gave me $75 or less. We’ve raised from over 300,000 donors in all 50 states."
In addition to the obvious evasion by Slippery Scott, there are two mathematical problems with that statement from Gov Dropout. First of all, Walker tries to claim he was somehow outspent by "the left" in his three elections (pulling a figure of $100 million that seems to have come from his ass), and ignores the fact that Walker had a lot of help from allegedly independent expenditures as well. Our friends at the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign say Walker and pro-Walker groups spent nearly $59 million during the recall election of 2012, and then followed that up with another $36.4 million spent on Walker's behalf in 2014. That's over $95 million in 2012 and 2014 alone, and doesn't even count the tens of milions invested in 2010 to get Walker installed as Governor in the first place.

Second, Walker says that he raised 70 percent of his "$80 million" from donors who gave $75 or less, and that he had a "grassroots" backing of over 300,000 donors. Well, 70% of $80 million is $56 million, so let's give Walker some extreme benefit of the doubt, and assume 300,000 donors shelled out $75 apiece.

300,000 donors x $75 per donor = $22.5 million.

That ain't $56 million. That ain't even close. It's one thing to be a dishonest liar. It's a whole 'nother thing to be so wrong at the basic numbers involved in the lie.

Then again, righties think that math is a liberal plot, which is why they suck so badly at budgeting and economic policy in general. And Walker has proven to be one of the worst of an awful lot when it comes to that "skill."

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