Friday, December 25, 2015

Here's your Holiday economics talk and entertainment

Merry Christmas to my 10 loyal readers. Here's Robert Reich with some good, wonky suggestions for how you can handle those uncomfortable economics conversations with your grumpy relatives and out-of-town friends this holiday season.

I might have thrown in a few profanities and "Follow the money to the campaign contributors" lines, but that's pretty good from Professor Reich.

Speaking of economics that makes you think, I highly recommend seeing "The Big Short," as me and my wife did yesterday afternoon. It's a great reminder of what a casino Wall Street was...and still basically is. It also is a great reminder how these amoral slimeballs on Wall Street and DC stole from us all, and that the failure to hold those criminals to account is something that explains the crippling inequality and underlying anger we're dealing with today.

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