Thursday, April 15, 2021

Another tax-funded Walker giveaway fails in Wisconsin

The shot, from late 2018. And the chaser, from yesterday. Scotty's just the gift that keeps on giving, isn't he?

Speaking of taxpayer-funded schemes from Walker, Foxconn is back under discussion at the Capitol. This time with a new bill that allows more time for the local yokels that fell for this scam to try to get something out of this white elephant, which could lessen the chances that the state would be stuck with having to bail them out.
Under current law, a city or village creating a tax incremental district (TID) in an electronics and information technology manufacturing zone may incur project costs for certain specified items, including capital expenditures for constructing or expanding fire stations and for purchasing police and fire equipment. Such capital expenditures may be made only for the first 84 months following the TID's creation. This bill increases that period to 180 months.
This is basically admitting that it will be a long time for there to be enough activity to allow for a Foxconn TID to start paying back these capital expenditures.

These are the direct effects of having a crooked college Dropout for a Governor who has never worked a real job in his life, and only cares about economic strategy as a means of generating short-term headlines that might boost his political fortunes.

It's also the mark of someone who thought that the main job of government is to direct money and power to help himself and his cronies/donors, without any regard for what happens to anyone else in the state. Or any regard for what happens after he is run out of town and we have to clean up the shoddy deals and ongoing costs that he has left behind.


  1. I know Scott Walker’s devastation will be long-lasting, but it’s just so nice never seeing his face and hearing his voice anymore.

    In fact, the last time I ever saw him was actually in person at Mitchell Airport, just a couple weeks before the pandemic hit. He was plodding slowly to the men’s room after disembarking, looking tired and bored. Nobody noticed him except one middle-aged white guy (of course) who fawned and asked for a selfie. “Fan boy” followed him into the men’s room and presumably accompanied him at the urinals. An annoyed looking Walker finally shook his admirer and trudged solo into the cold, dark parking structure. Good riddance!

  2. All Dems need to use this against the GOP, along with the laundry list of corrupt dealings Vos, Fitzgerald et al have perpetrated on Wisconsin taxpayers.