Thursday, April 29, 2021

Why talk about the economy when you can talk about Rodgers?

Well, I was planning to talk about the huge GDP growth of 6.4%, or maybe this hilarity.

And then this came out an hour before I was leaving work.

To me, the original sin is the Pack trading up to draft Jordan Love in the first round last year, which you don't do for a QB unless you intend to have him replace Rodgers at some point. And Rodgers doesn't forget a slight from anyone. Beginning with the initial slight most of the NFL showed him on another Draft Day.

I can't really blame Rodgers for wanting to control this thing, whether it results in a contract extension, or a trade out of town. You're the MVP on the NFL, playing its most important position. It's absurd to think that the team will improve if it lets you walk (2021 Jordan Love is not 2008 Aaron Rodgers, who was clearly good, and waiting for Brett Favre to leave), and yet they're acting like you're disposable? Yes, Rodgers is a diva, but he's good enough to make those demands to be taken care of.

The picks begin in 90 minutes. Buckle up.

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