Sunday, April 11, 2021

More COVID in Wisconsin in April, unless you're old enough to be vaccinated.

Wisconsin has not been immunized from the increases in COVID infections that have hit much of the Upper Midwest in recent weeks. While not as bad as the spikes in Minnesota and (especially) Michigan, we also had our first week of more than 5,000 new infections in 2 months.

At the same time, you can see the effects of large-scale immunization among older Wisconsinites, as their rates of new cases have dropped in the last month while the rest of the state is seeing this uptick in COVID.

Fortunately, we have yet to see the recent increase translate into a large-scale amount of deaths, although deaths have tended to lag new infections by 4-6 weeks, so we'll have to see what this looks like in May to see if the survival rate is also dropping.

What's also concerning is that new COVID infections are spreading in many areas of the state. Take a look at what the Wisconsin Department of Health Services' county map looked like a week ago, and then compare it to the most recent recent one.

And notice that the most severe outbreak of COVID infections is in St. Croix County, home to many commuters to the Twin Cities. "St. Croix County" and "COVID" should also remind you of this recent town hall from the Congressman who "represents" that area. We gotta double down on our efforts, folks. We gotta work to get ourselves fully vaccinated and reduce our chances of exposure in these next few weeks. And we gotta get rid of legislators like Tom Tiffany and shun the trash who support him, as they are so selfish or cynical that they don't care if things get better.

In fact, I'd argue that people like Tiffany and fellow backbencher Scott Fitzgerald DON'T want things to get better, because they need things to get worse to have the GOP get control of the House. Which explains this recent article in the Washington Post, that details Wisconsin's successes in getting its doses into people's arms, despite the best efforts of WisGOPs to get in the way.

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