Monday, July 26, 2021

We get dueling special sessions tomorrow! And the return of the WMC List of Shame

This speaks volumes, both on the regular and subtweet levels.

Yes, funny how WMC would know about these plans before the Dem Leader in the State Assembly, isn’t it?

Not only is ending the unemployment benefits a stupid move for WisGOPs at this point, given that the enhanced unemployment benefits end in 6 weeks anyway, continuing unemployment claims have consistently fallen in the state in the months that the $300/week add-on has been in place (up until the week of July 10, anyway). That wouldn't be happening if people weren't looking for work due to the higher unemployment benefits.

In addition, the number of people in the state’s labor force has continued to recover, rising by more than 41,000 in 2021, and by 29,000 in the last 3 months.

So the WMC arguments (as normal) are shown to be bullshit when held up to actual data and results.

Interestingly, the Wisconsin Examiner notes that WMC’s original tweet only talked about the $300/week add-on for unemployment benefits, but WMC replaced that tweet with the mention of “enhanced” benefits. Does that mean they also want to cut off the extended PEUC program, which would prevent Wisconsinites from getting more than 26 weeks of unemployment? Guess we’ll see if/when the Republicans release tomorrow's agenda.

Within hours of the WMC leak/tweet, Evers responded by calling for a separate special session, which would also begin on Tuesday.
In addition to the more than $100 million for public schools announced at the time of signing the budget, the governor used his broad veto authority to issue 50 partial vetoes to improve the budget document, leaving additional state resources readily available to make investments in areas where Republicans failed to make meaningful investments through the budget, including K-12 education. Gov. Evers used his veto pen to stop a $550 million transfer to the budget stabilization fund—which already holds a record high balance to ensure state resources would be readily available to invest in our kids and our schools.

Using those state funds already available through the governor's vetoes, Gov. Evers is calling the Legislature into a special session to take up his proposal, LRB-4297, which is available here, that would invest more than $500 million in Wisconsin's kids, schools, and students.

· $440 million for K-12 schools
· $240 million for increasing per-pupil aid by $146 per student
· $200 million into special education aids
· $110 million for higher education
· $90 million for the University of Wisconsin System
· $20 million for the Wisconsin Technical College System
At least when Evers and Dems do a special session for show, it’s for something most people are asking for.

And unlike the fake concern from WMC/WisGOP about enhanced unemployment benefits, investing in education deals with a real issue in our state. It also would improve our economy and our competitiveness, and make people actually want to come here and stay here, which cutting unemployment benefits won't do. Then again, when have the greedheads at WMC and their WisGOP puppets ever wanted those things?

Guess we gotta bring back the LIST OF SHAME, based on who makes up the WMC Board of Directors.
Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) – the state’s largest and most influential business association – elected Kwik Trip Vice President Steve Loehr as Chairman of its Board of Directors on Thursday. Loehr will serve a two-year term and has been an active member of the Board since 2015….

Waupaca Foundry, Inc. President, COO & CEO Mike Nikolai was also elected to a two-year term as Vice Chairman, while Teel Plastics, Inc. Chairman & CEO Jay Smith assumed the role of Immediate Past Chairman. Reelected to their posts as officers of the WMC Board are Gina Peter, an Executive Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank and Barbara Nick, President & CEO of Dairyland Power Cooperative, who will serve as Treasurer and Secretary respectively.
Choose your spending accordingly, folks.


  1. Oh, and check out this nice bit of GOP scumbaggery, courtesy of Patrick Marley of the Journal-Sentinel.

    "Republican Rep. Clint Moses said at the Conservative Political Education Conference in Hudson earlier this month that the Republican legislative campaign committees planned to pay to fly Republican legislators back to Madison for a veto override, suggesting the notice could be short.

    "We are going to plan a veto override, not sure when that's going to be and if I told you, they'd probably kill me," he said.

    Moses said the committees would "fly in people from wherever they may be on vacation."

    Oh, so AssGOP wants to use campaign funds to fly in legislators to try to sneak a veto override? Corrupt and pathetic. But that's who they are.

  2. Glad to make my daily stop at Kwik Trip! One of the greatest Midwest success stories for sure.

  3. I happened to catch Dem Leader Hintz quoting some familiar stats this morning, as well as additional data that shows Wisconsinites are going back to work and going off of unemployment in 2021.

    Especially with COVID cases jumping in the last couple of weeks, this seems like an especially dumb move by WisGOP. But stupid puppets are as stupid puppets do, I guess.

  4. Curious what you thought of Chris Kapenga's idea of consolidating school districts to one school district per county. It's probably one of the least bad ideas he's ever had, if it were to actually be done right (i.e. don't have a special carveout splitting the suburban districts from the city of Milwaukee, and don't close rural high schools without some sort of criteria based process.)

    1. 1 per county? No, those are very different communities with very different needs in a county.

      If you want an extra county-wide version of DPI, and maybe sharing of services/resources, it could be worth investigating. But I think many people think districts are too big as they are, now you want to supersize them? Not seeing it