Wednesday, December 5, 2012

We'll never forget you BB!

Was a bit surprised by the news that Badger coach Bret Bielema was leaving to get a sizable pay increase at Arkansas. I'm not overly concerned with it, though. There's a solid coaching tree with Bielema and Alvarez that leads to Paul Chryst at Pittsbirgh (yes, Chryst is saying he's "comitted to Pitt," we'll see what he does when Barry actually calls him and offers big money), and former UW d-coordinator and NIU head coach Dave Doeren (who took the NC State job a few days ago, but I'm betting he could bail on that job if he wanted to).

And while I appreciate that Bielema got decent results at UW (68-24 in 4 years), and I understand that it shouldn't be taken for granted, there's still his penchant for losing close games and squandering great opportunities, like in 2011 when UW lost 3 games in the final seconds despite having a future starting NFL QB in Russell Wilson. And I won't miss goofy time-management and sideline demeanor that doesn't really behoove itself to great confidence in tight moments.

Now this 13-year season ticket holder would be unhappy if I was looking at ponying up $5-$10 extra a game if UW backs up the Brinks truck for a new coach- I'm near my limitations on the subject as it is, and I'd almost prefer tailgating over paying $42 a pop for often-mediocre games. But I can't blame Bielema for wanting to get out of town before the posse turns on him, and he'll get paid quite well in a beautiful part of the country (my Dad's got a place in the Arkansas Ozarks- it's cool other that they still have dry counties).

But Bucky will be fine as well after Bret Bielema as well. No folks, the Morton years will never come close to coming back to Madtown, us fans know what a winning program looks like, and we won't accept anything less. And the facilities and program and history of putting guys in the NFL has things at a point that this is a helluva job to have. Some good coach will be smart enough to get it.

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