Wednesday, September 18, 2019

C'mon Dems. GET ANGRY!

After the absurdities in DC of this week, time to play this great West Wing clip again.

Far too much of Dem "leadership" in DC is still operating from that soft, defensive mentality. And they think being proper and following the rules is something that voters will reward, and that you have to "trust the system".

Well voters don't trust the system, and they don't care much about decorum if nothing gets done. They want action and they want politicians that aren't afraid to step up for what they believe them. And they don't need to wait for a poll to tell them to speak out.

You know what a lot of people are waiting for? For Dems to slap GOPs in the face for being a bunch of lawless, amoral crooks. And keep smashing them in the face, and locking them up when they refuse to provide information that they are REQUIRED BY LAW to provide. And when lowlifes like Corey Lewandowski think they can laugh in your face, you air him out in front of all the cameras, call him a lying piece of garbage to his face, and haul his ass out of the House chambers and into a holding room for breaking the law.

It would be cathartic for a whole lot of people. And it is necessary.


  1. How can it be that I am so angry and they aren't?

    1. And it's not like Pelosi and other DC Dem "leaders" are calm in Obama's "Dont worry, we got this. Here's what we're doing" kind of way.

      They keep tweeting and claiming that Trump will get what's coming to him....but wont forcefully do anything to make that happen. They just pass the buck and try to let the courts do their job for them. Meanwhile Trump/GOPs laugh all the way to the bank, and the casual voter figures it must be OK since nothing is happening.

      And now you know why I can't trust any Dem insider who is 70+ and has been in the party's inner circle for the last 20 years.

  2. Two thumbs up! Democrats need to kick some fat GOP ass!