Sunday, September 22, 2019

Wisconsin, other Obama/Trump states falling further behind as 2020 nears

Good luck seeing our “businessman president” sell the economy in the states he needs most in 2020 if this keeps up.
Two swing states narrowly won by President Trump in 2016 were the sites of the greatest losses in manufacturing jobs between 2018 and 2019, according to data released Friday by the Labor Department.

The agency's state employment survey found that Wisconsin has lost about 5,200 manufacturing jobs since August of last year. In Pennsylvania, losses of manufacturing jobs topped 7,700, according to the survey.
Wait, you mean a tax cut to the rich and corporate didn’t bring back factory jobs, and the WisGOPs keeping the M&A “Big Giveaway” to Wisconsin manufacturers didn’t spark a surge in hiring? Imagine that!

But it’s not just Wisconsin and Pennsylvania that are struggling in Big Ten territory (pre-Rutgers/Maryland edition), and it’s not just in manufacturing. That same state-by-state jobs report shows several other Obama/Trump states with job growth well below the US’s (declining) rate over the last year, along with an upper Midwest state that stayed blue, but that the Trump people targeted and nearly won in 2016.

US job growth Aug 2018-Aug 2019
US +1.39%
Iowa +0.80%
Penn +0.64%
Ohio +0.45%
Mich +0.36%
Minn +0.09%
Wis. +0.06%

In fact, Wisconsin ranks 49th in the nation for jobs over the last year, with only Louisiana trailing us (they were 3 years ahead of us in the category of “ALEC tire fire imposed by crooked fool of a governor”).

And the Philadelphia Federal Reserve's coincident index of all states backs this up. While part of the country continues to grow, which will likely keep the US economy out of recession for at least the next few months, that may not be true in the key states that DC media likes to talk about, but doesn't seem to understand much.

EDIT- And here's UW's Menzie Chinn reiterating that with an illustrative chart.

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