Saturday, March 27, 2021

A bit of concern on COVID in Wisconsin as March ends

Like other places around America, Wisconsin has seen a slight increase in new COVID infections in the last week. Over 3,300 new positive tests were recorded, which is the most since the end of February, and while some of that was skewed by a backlog of previously unreported cases (resulting in Wednesday's total of 776 new cases), it doesn't explain why most other days of the past week also saw increases vs the same day the week before.

On other parts of the COVID front in Wisconsin, things continue to go in the right direction. Deaths are now at their lowest levels since July.

And the rate of vaccinations continues to pick up. This week had the first two days where more than 50,000 vaccines were administered, and more than 1 million Wisconsinites should be fully vaccinated before March ends.
But there are still troubling signs. This includes the fact that all 3 overseas variants of COVID have now been reported in the state. And this story from today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel made me wince a bit.

Saturday will be Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport's busiest day for air travel since the COVID-19 outbreak began, airport officials say.

Saturday is the peak of the spring break travel season at the airport, with a second, smaller peak on April 3. Spring break is the airport's busiest time of the year.

While travel overall has yet to rebound from the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic that dealt a gut punch to the airline industry, the number of flights scheduled out of Milwaukee Saturday is similar to a record set in 2018.

Hoo boy. Please be smart out there, folks. And if you find a way to get the shot, get it.

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