Tuesday, March 16, 2021

And this is why he's known as Russian Ron Johnson

Well, this is interesting news to drop today.

And who was one of the main people laundering this Russian disinformation to Americans?

Andriy Derkach? Why have I heard that name here in Wisconsin? Oh! Here we go.

And the name Kostantin Klimnik also keeps popping up in the DNI report.

Now here's where Ron Johnson and Konstantin Klimnik come together. This is from the redacted version of the Mueller Report from April 2019.

• The report notes that Manafort instructed Gates to “provide Kilimnik with updates on the Trump campaign—including internal polling data.” According to Mueller, “Manafort expected Kilimnik to share that information with others in Ukraine and with Deripaska. [Deputy Campaign Manager Rick] Gates periodically sent such polling data to Kilimnik during the campaign.” We knew that some polling data had been shared, but we did not know the extent of it and what exactly was shared....

The report also details how Trump’s campaign chairman had his deputy share “internal polling data prepared for the Trump Campaign by pollster Tony Fabrizio” via WhatsApp and those communications were deleted “on a daily basis.” When Manafort briefed Kilimnik on that data, he also discussed “ ‘battleground’ states, which Manafort identified as Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota.” And both Manafort and Gates assumed that data would be shared with a close Putin ally in Deripaska. What happened next to the data is a mystery. Mueller could not prove one way or the other whether it was used in Russia’s attack against the 2016 election—but Mueller did note that his team had a “limited ability” to gather such evidence.
Guess who benefitted from the Russian-targeted misinformation campaigns in Wisconsin in 2016? Yup, Ron Johnson, who was surprisingly re-elected after being left for dead for much of that year.

Maybe this helps explain why ol' Russian Ronnie's been even more ridiculous and squirrely in recent days, eh? Wonder how clear the connections between Trump/GOP campaigns and Russian disinformation get in the unredacted report. RoJo's scared, and he has good reason to be.

It is well past time for Adam Schiff and other leading Dems in Congress to call our Dumb Senator down to their Committees to answer just who fed RoJo the BS he was spewing before the 2020 election. And make Russian Ronnie answer why he (ab)used his position as a committee chair to cover up how Americans (and especially Wisconsinites) were being misled by Russian misinformation.

Johnson's treason (what else would you call it?) seems obvious, but watching Ronnie squirm and/or perjure himself would be well worth it. And it's LONG overdue.

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