Sunday, March 14, 2021

This week in Wisconsin COVID - cases lower, shots higher. But nowhere near done

The good news on the Wisconsin COVID front is that we continue to do well in getting people vaccinated. In the coming days, we are likely to go over 2 million total doses administered in Wisconsin, with 40% of the 65+ population fully vaccinated.

The warmer weather of the last week also could help physically and economically, as it gets more Wisconsinites outside and taking advantage of outdoor dining and drinking (raises hand). But that doesn't mean that COVID is gone and that we can party like it's 2019 again. While we are much better off than we were in the Winter, there were more new cases in last week in Wisconsin than in the week before.
Definitely progress, but still a while before we can squeeze this virus out of our consciousness. But it is good to see deaths trending down, in the typical 4-6 week lag behind the trend in cases. Less than 10 people a day are now dying of COVID in the state, which is the lowest amount since the Fall-Winter spike began.
Bottom line - it is nice to have Springtime optimism, and continuing to get Wisconsinites vaccinated as the weather warms means that the chances of another breakout will lessen. But it's also worth noting that we need the downward trend in cases to resume, if we want to see things open up further.

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