Monday, May 23, 2022

Getting back into the fold

Did some traveling to see my mother receive her Master's degree (a great accomplishment on a lot of levels) and to see friends from out of state. It was great to get away from some of the awfulness that we all tend to marinate in when we lock into news on a daily basis.

I also was able to lock in a sweet rate and cost on my car, which was coming off lease. It ended up being a much better situation than if I had to get another vehicle at an inflated price, and even though US auto production had a big jump in April, it has yet to translate into more cars being on the lot and available to buyers (according to the agent I dealt with).

But I certainly have some thoughts on what's been happening at the state and federal levels, and you'll see some more typical posts from me as this week goes on. But figured I'd drop a quick update and get that out to you.

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