Thursday, December 29, 2016

DOT consultant confirms Wis is screwed on roads, tolls

Naturally, the consultant's study on DOT revenue sources drops while I am out of state with family, and only armed with a cell phone.

So let me forward a modified version of a tweet from the Cap Times' Jessie Opien.

Jessie Opoien‏ @jessieopie

So I guess there is no scenario in which the roads get BETTER in this WisDOT study.

Nope, either our Governor continues to be owned by DC Lobbyist Grover Norquist, and gives no added funding for highways, and the roads completely go to shit in the next 10 years.

Or we toll all over the state to fund any new expansions over the next 30 years. And since tolling can't get up and running for 3 years, we still need to raise taxes, majorly borrow, or make massive cuts in this budget just to stay afloat.

Yeah, we're screwed. No wonder why our Governor is running away to Guantanamo at taxpayer expense instead of dealing with the real problems at his actual job.

More on this and other budget messes when I get back from family time later this week.

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