Sunday, December 4, 2016

Your weekend recount update

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has done a good job keeping people updated on the communities that have finished recounting the votes in the 2016 presidential election. You can click on this link to see all the wards that have and have not been completed, and figure out where we stand.

The Elections Commissions describes some of the disparities that have shown up recently.
Eau Claire County: Increase of 11 votes in Town of Brunswick and 13 votes in Town of Seymour due to ballots marked incorrectly on Election Day.

Manitowoc County: Increase in 24 votes in Town of Centerville due to a stack ballots missed on Election Day.

Walworth County: Increase in 10 votes in Town of Whitewater Wards 1-2 due to ballot jams on Election Day.

Washburn County: Discrepancies in Town of Bashaw were due to an error in the previous certification. The total ballots for Trump/Pence should have been 385 instead of the 352 reported.
The Elections Commission didn't mention that the increase in 24 votes in Manitowoc County all were for Hillary Clinton. Here are a few other "misses" that seem noteworthy.

Some votes in the Dane County City of Monona were missed, allowing Hillary Clinton to gain 21 votes there.

Some part of the vote of the Walworth Town of La Grange was missed on the original canvass, enabling Clinton to gain another 18 votes.

UPDATED SECTION- The Iowa County Village of Avoca originally listed 300 votes that were missed, giving Clinton a gain of 163, and Gary Johnson another 30 votes, among others. However, it turned out to be a mistype, as those were the total of the Village of Barenveld, and the figures were placed on the wrong line. This has now been corrected on the Elections Commission's sheet.

With that correction, that makes my rough spreadsheet calculation showing that, Trump has gained 12 votes on Clinton in the recount (138-126 added), Stein has gained 50 votes, and Gary Johnson 38. But the key caveat is that not only is there still 3/4 of the votes to be registered in the recount, and most of the wards in the larger cities have yet to be registered (something I am especially interested in seeing due to the big drop in turnout in blue cities like Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha).

Lastly, here a list of counties that have no places with reports of their votes in any of their communities. Maybe they'll all dump it at once, but keep an eye on this.

La Crosse
Waukesha (Uh oh!!!)

La Crosse and Vernon at least get a pass because they've been busy on the State Senate recount between Dem Leader Jen Shilling and Dan Kapanke (Shilling won, as both candidates conceded late last week). But what about these other guys?

Nothing too big yet, but follow the Jill Stein site to get reports from counties throughout the state by observers. Mostly positive and indicating things are on the up-and-up so far, but also interesting to see the word from the ground.

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