Sunday, January 28, 2018

MMAC spending big money on Vukmir's slime and regressive garbage

As if I didn't have enough reasons to hate the regressive mediocrities in the Metro Milwaukee Association of Commerce, I saw this as I awoke.

The findings come from research by ProPublica, who saw that Vukmir's "Wisconsin Next PAC" had $1 million of its $1,050,000 in receipts from two sources.

MMAC $500,000
Diane Hendricks $500,000

So the MMAC wants to back a candidate that is the personification of the regressive, hateful garbage that has made Milwaukee unattractive to many people with young talent? Just like they've backed every initiative from Scott "We Don't Want Wisconsin to be Like Milwaukee" Walker since he was Milwaukee County Executive?

Let me remind you of the Milwaukee Metro area's lousy record in job growth over the last few years, under the "leadership" of the MMAC's buddies in the Wisconsin GOP.

These numbers have slightly improved in the last few months, but the growth rate is still well below the US, and most mid-size metros in the Midwest.

12-month job growth Dec 2016- Dec 2017
Des Moines +2.8%
Minneapolis-St. Paul +2.4%
Madison +1.8%
Indianapolis +1.8%
Detroit +1.6%
Columbus, Ohio +1.4%
Milwaukee +1.2%
Cincinnati +0.7%
Cleveland +0.4%

It seems very telling that the MMAC has been spending a lot more time lobbying and paying off politicians over investing in their home area and learning from the metros that are beating Milwaukee when it comes to job growth and locations for talent to want to move to.

Wonder if all these guys (and they're almost ALL guys) think it's OK to throw $500,000 at ALEC Queen Vukmir, whose top goal as a State Senator (outside of voter suppression and gerrymandering) has been to defund and destroy public schools at every turn. This seems especially relevant in Milwaukee, which has had more money funneled away from public schools and into vouchers as any area in the state. And that's not just true in the City, but also in the suburbs since the voucher program was changed in 2015, raising property taxes and reducing the attractiveness of those areas. (click here to see how your district has been affected).

It's time for a little naming and shaming. Here's the list of the MMAC Officers and Directors.

Briggs & Stratton Corp.

MMAC President
MMAC thanks the business and community leaders that make up it's board of directors for their time and commitment to increasing the economic vitality of the metro Milwaukee business community.

Robert Arzbaecher - Chairman, Fiduciary Management Inc.
David Baumgarten - President/CEO, Bank Mutual
Scott Beightol - Chairman/Partner-Milwaukee, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP
Carl Brown - President, Red Brown Kle Marketing Comm
Tina Chang - CEO/Chairman, SysLogic Inc.
Carla Cross - President/CEO, Cross Management Services Inc
Robert Hillis - President/CEO, Direct Supply Inc.
Gale Klappa - Non-Executive Chairman, WEC Energy Group
David Lubar - President/CEO, Lubar & Co.
Marsha Mather - Owner/President, Laacke & Joys
Richard Meeusen - Chairman/CEO, Badger Meter Inc.
William Mielke - CEO, Ruekert & Mielke Inc.
Ulice Payne Jr. - President, Addison-Clifton LLC
James Popp - President, Johnson Financial Group
Mary Ellen Powers - Executive Vice President, MMAC
Paul Purcell - Chairman, Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc.
Mary Scheibel - Founder/Principal Owner, Trefoil Group Inc.
John Schlifske - Chairman/CEO, Northwestern Mutual - Main
Nancy Sennett - Partner, Foley & Lardner LLP
Tim Sullivan - CEO, REV Group
Paul Sweeney - Principal, PS Capital Partners LLC
Dave Werner - President/CEO, Park Bank
Scott Wrobbel - Managing Partner/Wisconsin, Deloitte

Todd Adams - President/CEO, Rexnord
Michael Aldana – Partner, Quarles & Brady
Kevin Anderson - Milwaukee Region President, Old National Bank - Brookfield
Alan Antoniewicz - COO/President, Spancrete
Joe Bartolotta – Owner, Bartolotta Restaurants
Kurt Bechthold – CEO, Payne & Dolan
Jeff Bradford – Office Managing Partner, Grant Thornton
Dan Cahalane – President, American Roller & Plasma Coatings
Jeffrey Clark - President/CEO, Waukesha Metal Products
Chad Cundiff – President, Astronautics Corp. of America
Jack Enea - Office Managing Partner, Husch Blackwell
Giacomo Fallucca -Executive Vice President, Palermo Villa
Justin Frank – Owner, Frank Beverage Group
David Gay – Partner, Ernst & Young
Christopher Goller - Regional President, PNC Bank
Kelly Grebe - Chief Legal & Corporate Services Officer, MillerCoors
Brian Grossman - Manager Wisconsin, Chase
Jon Hammes - Managing Partner, Hammes Co.
Kathy Hust - President - Scanalytics Inc
Mary Isbister - President - GenMet
Catherine Jacobson - President/CEO, Froedtert Health
Jerome Janzer - Chairman/President/CEO - Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren
Jim Kornfeld - President/CEO, PAX Holdings
Anthony Mallinger - President/CEO, Metal-Era
Gregory Marcus – President, Marcus Corp.
Derrick Martin – President, Lena's Foods
Scott Mayer - President/CEO, QPS Employment Group
Peter McCormick – President, Magnetek
John McDermott - Sr Vice President/Global Sales & Marketing, Rockwell Automation
Daniel McKeithan Jr. - Chairman/CEO, Tamarack Petroleum Co.
John W. Mellowes – CEO, Charter Manufacturing Co.
Justin Mortara – CEO, Mortara Instrument
Cory Nettles - Founder/Managing Director, Generation Growth Capital
Ugo Nwagbaraocha – President, Diamond Discs International
Jonas Prising - Chairman/CEO, ManpowerGroup
Joel Quadracci - President/CEO, Quad Graphics
Ajita Rajendra - Chairman/CEO, A.O. Smith Corp.
Austin Ramirez - President/CEO, HUSCO International
Joseph Rock - Office Managing Partner, KPMG
Bernie Sherry – CEO, Ascension Wisconsin Corporate Office
Patrick Sinks - President/CEO, MGIC
John Splude Sr. – President, JWS Classics
Jeffrey Ticknor - Senior Vice President, BMO Harris Bank
Peggy Troy - President/CEO, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Nick Turkal (MD) - President/CEO, Aurora Health Care
John Utz - Executive Vice President, Associated Bank
Scott VanderSanden – President, AT&T Wisconsin
Nicholas Wahl - Managing Partner/CEO Godfrey & Kahn S.C.
Gregory Wesley Sr. - V. P., Strategic Alliances and Business Development Medical College of Wisconsin
Tom Westrick - Vice President/Chief Quality Officer, GE Healthcare
Raymond Wilson - Office Managing Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Robert Valcq - SVP/Regional Manager, Wells Fargo

Huh, I think I've seen Scott Walker at a lot of these businesses for "job announcements" over the years. Imagine that!

Keep this list in mind when it comes to your spending decisions in 2018. And it you certainly should run the other way from any politician that touts the supports of these greedhead oligarchs.


  1. I also just caught Mike Gousha's last comments on his show today, and Gousha noted that Walker didn't mention Milwaukee ONCE in his State of the State address.

    And yet the Milwaukee "business community" backs these anti-City idiots every step of the way. They really don't want the area (and the state) to grow, they care more about being the ones in charge and have their BS networking at the Yacht Club.

  2. Absolutely right, Jake. Walker is having to count on a non-urban base for any chance of winning this year, while that "rural" vote is seeing what he/GOP did to them, and votes are going another direction. Vinehout's comments this morning were great, and point to a something other than just city vs. rural.

    When Walker's leadership turns Milwaukee into nothing positive, how can you expect anything positive to result statewide? He's on the same austerity train that Sam Brownback has ridden, yet it's obvious that their leadership is a fraud. He's all for Dianne Hendricks and the Bradley Foundation, but everyone else can suffer.

    An interesting list; those healthcare giants are all in with those profiteering HMO Club Med advocates.
    As a youngster I attended Longfellow Jr. High in Wauwatosa, and Joe Bartolotta was a classmate. He was heavy then, and wonder just how elephantesque he's become since then.

    1. Well stated. And speaking as one Longfellow grad to another, it is interesting how much these "free market" businessesmen benefit from government largesse and slanted legislation, isn't it?