Monday, January 15, 2018

Ready to land back in reality

Unpacking my brain at McCarrann Airport. I
I did OK, likely around $50 down, bet-wise, and that was more than made up with the free drinks.

Of course, if the Saints tackle Stefon Diggs in-bounds, I'd have another $88 coming back with me (had the Saints +5 and on the money line). The possibility of being in the Twin Cities the weekend of a Vikings Super Bowl looms quite obnoxiously.

Still a great weekend to be around great people. And since I hit a wall of Day 3 post-football exhaustion and had an early bedtime, I actually feel alright.

And despite the snow that seems to keep falling in southern Wisconsin, looks like we are still slated to get in on time. The 90 miles back to Madison from MKE might not be so easy, however. If only we had a regular train or flight-convenient bus service connecting those two places...

Anyway, back to reality tomorrow. But it was nice to get away from the gritty bleakness and escape for the weekend.


  1. By the way- Vegas airport has great Wi-Fi that's easy to get onto. MKE airport? A sketchy Boingo Hotspot. Seems a bit telling.

  2. Welcome back to a Midwest sh*thole!

    1. Actually, the residents of those shitholes will be the topic of something I may attend tomorrow, as Katherine Cramer is part of an event discussing The Politics of Resentment.

    2. Cramer's book is really informative, something that helps to explain the things that Walker and Michael Grebe expoited to get elected. If those rural folks still buy into what Walker continues to sell, then I have to question voters.

      Cramer's book seems to observe my experience growing up in urban Wauwatosa, then moving to rural Fond du Lac, where I noticed people thought much differently.

      Michael Leon is great in describing the new rural experience I've lived through (his sibling Tony married the daughter of Wauwatosa West's basketball coach) here, which has many biases against urban life, and has had a real problem with blacks moving here.