Thursday, January 11, 2018

Walker/WisGOP trying to delay Lincoln Hills action, but reality keeps creeping in

This is good stuff from Alan Talaga and Jon Lyons in the Isthmus.

And Scotty's about-face might also have been related to the fact that he knew of yet another bad incident at Lincoln Hills, which was made public yesterday.
Federal prosecutors are investigating an incident in which prison guards allegedly stormed into a disruptive 16-year-old inmate’s cell, broke his arm, strip searched him, left him naked for hours and didn’t get him to a doctor for more than a week.

Details of the March 2014 encounter at Lincoln Hills School for Boys emerged in interviews with the inmate and his mother, state records and a civil rights lawsuit the inmate filed last month, just after prosecutors notified two former guards they could be indicted.

“I told him, ‘You’re breaking my arm, you’re breaking my arm,’ and he kept pulling it harder,” Jacob Bailey said of his treatment from one guard.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and prison officials reviewed the incident at the time and determined little had gone wrong. Federal prosecutors are taking a different view.
Hmm, doesn't seem like Walker's promise of future action at some point is going to make these Lincoln Hills stories go away. And given that juvenile corrections had a $3.2 million shortfall in Fiscal Year 2017, I'm going to reiterate my call for Dems on the Joint Finance Committee to file a formal objection to force a hearing on that and other state overdrafts.

We should know the price tag of these changes and to see if we can get a jump start on getting things on getting these problem in juveile corrections fixed in THIS budget cycle. I think that's a better idea than going with the Walker/WisGOP of sweeping the problems under the rug, and promising to do something in mid-2019...maybe.

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