Friday, June 1, 2018

Live from Oshkosh

Just pulled into town, getting ready to run the gauntlet of campaign hacks. They tell me I'm big in this town (inside joke, I'm just a lug with a rapid typing finger).

Wish me luck in keeping my sanity around these folks.

At least the view is nice for the "warm-up."


  1. You are better person than me. Thanks for attending so we don't have to.

  2. Who are “these folks” jerk. Wow - you can be quite arrogant.

    1. "These folks" were the campaign flacks and related swag sellers. They actually weren't that harassing and it was a very good convention. Lot of people ready to go, and win on VALUES and issues, unlike what lazy pundits might try to spin.

      If I ever talk myself up on this blog, know that it is 90% sarcasm. And don't be so touchy next time