Saturday, January 15, 2022

Here’s how clueless Kyrsten Sinema sounds

A quick thought on this monent of DC dimwittedness.

So it's more important for Kyrsten Sinema to have the Senate get along, than to actualky DO SOMETHING to ensure equal voting access and fair elections for all Americans.

Given that it is MLK weekend, lets hear what the man had to say about a minority of Senators blocking the rights of minorities. Give airheaded Sinema 1 week to come up with a voting rights plan that at least 1 Republican will vote for, and agree to change the rukes to allow that bill to pass with 50 votes.

When she gets played and that doesn't happen, all Dems need to publicly say the following.

"You are either with the voters, or you are with the vote suppressors and the election-riggers. Pick a side." And make them show their choice WITH A PUBLIC VOTE.

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