Sunday, January 23, 2022

On last night's Meltdown in Titletown

The Packer defense only gave up 6 points? Dang, that's an easier win than I thought! Great effort!

Uhh, WHAT?

And boy are they having a field day online with our whiny, anti-vax QB. And rightfully so.

Some thoughts from a great Wisconsinite who wrote "When Pride Still Mattered" about Vince Lombardi and the others who turned Green Bay into Titletown.

Naturally, there are paralells to other Wisconsin idiocy these days.

Wait, the Wisconsin GOP? Maybe there's a different reason the Pack seem cursed in the postseason and can't win the big one.

Walker: Yeah, well thanks. This is an exciting time. This is, I told my cabinet, I had a dinner the Sunday uh, excuse me, Monday right after [February] the sixth. Came home from the Super Bowl where the Packers won, that Monday night I had all my cabinet over to the residence for dinner, talked about what we were going to do, how we were going to do it, we'd already kind of built plans up but it was kind of the last hurrah before we dropped the bomb.
It always goes back to that a-hole, doesn't it? The Pack haven't gotten back to the Big One since "the bomb" was dropped. Just saying.

Between Walker and Rodgers, they sure have done a lot to take out the pride of being a Wisconsinite, and instead made us have to explain to others "we're not all morons. Really!".

And both Fitzwalkerstan and Rodgers have run their course in this state. It's gotta be over.


  1. So many reasons for the loss but this is the first time in my life that I ever thought Aaron Rodgers let us down; it was that 3 and out series at the end. I am not a Rodgers hater but I guess-sadly- it might be time to move on, especially after watching all four QBs shine yesterday.

    1. I'd argue Rodgers had chances to tie/get ahead of Tampa last year and didn't come through, but I agree that this was his worst effort in a playoff game. You should never lose a game when your defense gives up 6 points.

      Worth noting, a lot of the great young QBs are in the AFC, which is something both Rodgers and the Pack should keep in mind when figuring out a destination for 12. The other 3 NFC North teams are either awful and/or will be dealing with a new coach (or both), so the Pack can stay afloat and contend if they do this right, even without Rodgers.

      I know Rodgers is still the team's best chance for a Super Bowl in 2023, but it's run its course. I'm done with the sideshow, and if you can't get a ring (or even to the Big Game) while acting like this, get draft picks and a decent QB for him (unless you're convinced Love is the guy. Which I'm not).