Wednesday, April 6, 2022

COVID still at lower levels in Wisconsin, but the decline has stopped for now

As Spring Breaks end and dreary, flu-season like weather lingers over Wisconsin, it seems like it's worth checking back to see what Wisconsin's COVID situation looks like in early April. And while new cases still well below where we were for most of the last 8 months, the decline has stopped and we've bumped back above 400 cases a day for the first time in a week.

Along with the slight increase in cases statrewide the Wisconsin Department of Health Services mentioned today that cases were growing in more counties this week vs shrinking.

The good sign is that COVID deaths in Wisconsin continue to fall, down more than 90% since mid-January, and are at their lowest levels in 8 months.

And the lower death rate seems to be replicating around the nation, which is a good sign. And if things ever warm up here and allow for more outside activities, and travel slows down over the next 8 weeks, we hopefully can see the virus fade a bit more and stop any semblance of the recently increased caseload that we might be seeing today.

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