Friday, May 21, 2021

WMC + WisGOP are dead wrong. Wisconsin gains workers + job-seekers, fewer on unemployment.

The WMC/WisGOP crowd has recently made a lot of recent noise regarding the alleged inability to find Wisconsin workers that will take jobs, and those groups are arguing that workers should be cut off from enhanced unemployment benefits as a result.

I found the argument questionable at best, as the US jobs report for April indicated that more people were returning to the work force, and the biggest increases in jobs were in service professions that business groups were claiming they couldn't find people to work at. But perhaps Wisconsin is a more specific case, given that our unemployment rate in March was 3.8%.

Which made Wisconsin's jobs report for April a key data point. That was releaed on Thursday, and it showed that the WMC/WisGOP theories about a lack of available workers to be BS.

Wisconsin jobs report, April 2021 Payrolls survey
Change in jobs +9,300
Change in Leisure and Hospitality jobs +3,800

Household survey
Change in Labor Force +9,000
Change in Employment +7,100

Even with the added jobs, Wisconsin's unemployment rate rose from 3.8% to 3.9% because even more people joined the work force in April. Not really what the righties are selling, is it?

Wisconsin is also continuing to see jobless claims decrease.

It's a nice story that WMC and WisGOP are trying to spin about "lazy people on unemployment not wanting to take work", and maybe it works among unsuspecting, mediocre people. But any honest look at the data shows that it's a complete lie, as more people are working, more people are wanting to work, and fewer people are on unemployment.

Someone's hiring these people and paying them. Maybe the rent-seeking businessMEN at WMC need to step up and compete vs whining and trying to make Wisconsinites more desperate.

Here is UW-Madison's Menzie Chinn with some good added information from this jobs report.

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