Sunday, May 9, 2021

Wisconsin's COVID cases are slowing down in May. But so are vaccinations

It does seem that Wisconsin is making progress in containing COVID-19, as the first week of May saw new cases fall to the lowest levels since the end of March.

But the rise in cases that we saw in April is still manifesting itself in increased deaths in May, with nearly a combined 150 deaths reported over the last 2 weeks.

Hopefully this number follows the recent decline in cases, and starts working its way down. What's concerning going forward is that the rate of vaccinations has significantly slowed down in Wisconsin, as last week looks to be the first one with less than 200,000 shots given out since late January - a time period when many fewer Wisconsinites were eligible to receive the vaccine.

We are up to 3/8 of all Wisconsinites being fully vaccinated, and we are likely nearing half of the 16+ eligible population being done with their cycle. But it also means many more still need to get jabbed, and if we want Summer 2021 to be something resembling Summer 2019 in Wisconsin, we cannot afford to get complacent as the school year winds down and the days get longer.

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