Wednesday, September 10, 2014

John Doe is about money laundering. PERIOD

As the Court of Appeals in Chicago determines what to do with the John Doe case (and reports indicate that these judges think federal Koch whore Judge Rudolph Randa may have overstepped his authority by even making a ruling on the case), the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign's Mike McCabe sums John Doe up perfectly in a column he wrote yesterday. It's titled "Decriminalizing Bribery and Money Laundering," because as McCabe points out, the real goal of Walker and his oligarchical supporters is to be able to give as much money as they want, without people knowing about it.
Randa is the judge who also ordered a halt to the latest John Doe investigation into political corruption in Wisconsin. He ruled that there is nothing illegal about candidates and interest groups coordinating their election activities.

"Coordination" sounds abstract and mundane and benign. What Randa actually blessed is money laundering. What is under investigation is apparent conspiracy to get around legal limits on political donations as well as disclosure requirements by steering money intended to aid a candidate for state office to a tax-exempt "social welfare" group that does not have to publicly report the origins of its money.

If the skewed judgment of Randa and the Five Supremes stands up over the long haul, Americans will be left with a right to free speech that is proportionate to the size of their bank accounts, two parties joined at the billfold, and a tiny fraction of 1% of the population fully empowered to lord over the rest of us.

Yeah, I'd say having Scott Walker (allegedly) tell rich people to "invest" in his campaign through Club for Growth sounds a whole lot like this.

That may be one of my favorite YouTube clips ever.

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