Monday, September 1, 2014

Pap reveals who the real takers are- corporations

When Mike Papantonio sat in for Ed Schultz on his radio show, I always thought that program went to another level, because Pap doesn't care who he ticks off, and doesn't mince words about just how much the oligarchs want to control in our society (which is all of it). And he doesn't let the average citizen off the hook for laying back and accepting this terrible state of affairs either.

Here's 5 minutes of brilliance that lays out how corporations steal the advances made possible by public goods and infrastructure and confiscate worker wages in the name of power, greed, and failed policy.

Myths were created about corporations and capitalism. A few of those myths were that a publicly held corporation has no duty to the public except to maximize profits for its shareholders. In other words, ignore the fact that the corporation could never exist without the roads, law enforcement, court systems, and military that tax payers provide the corporation so it can do business.

That myth ignored the billions of dollars the public spends every year on research and development that taxpayers dish out at universities through medical research, military research, agricultural research and hundreds of other areas where that corporation benefits from that research.
That's right, corporate America. You didn't make that- all of us did by paying our taxes, investing for the future, and working hard to improve our quality of life.

Let's see what themes our often corporate-friendly president hits on when he's in Milwaukee today. My guess is there will be talk about raising the minimum wage (which does need to be done), but will he mention trade or standing up to union-busting legislation? Sadly I doubt it.

Which means we'll have to do it ourselves. Ending the age of Fitzwalkerstan this November would be a start (but only a start).

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