Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Now THIS is a response ad

I'd been waiting to see serious pushback from the Burke campaign to the GOP-aganda about Burke's campaign reusing words of other Dem candidates in her job plan, and frankly, it was frustrating me. Well, the Burke campaign finally responded with a great ad, with the candidate herself.

This ad WORKS. It not only mentions Walker's complete failure on jobs (4,300 private sector jobs lost in August, dead last in Midwest for his 3+ years in office), but also shows a better way forward. "As governor, I'm going to take the best ideas, wherever I can find them." EXACTLY. Instead of having backroom, pre-written ideological strategies from ALEC, the RESULTS are what would matter under a Governor Burke. And wouldn't that be a welcome change in this state?

Give another month of this type of "compare and contrast," and that might well finish the job. Pass the ad along to others, as hopefully it'll give a lift like it gave me, in the "yeah, they can handle this" kind of way.

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