Monday, March 11, 2019

Final Walker jobs gap - nearly 164,000 jobs! Worse than Doyle during Obama Recovery!

After filling in the newly-updated figures, here's the final tally on the Walker jobs gap.

Private sector jobs- Over 155,000

All jobs- Nearly 164,000

And the last 12 months were one of the worst periods of job growth in the Age of Fitzwalkerstan, with less than 2,000 jobs a month added on average from January 2018 through January 2019. In fact, the state LOST jobs between January and October before having a huge runup in the last three months (after the election, and before those numbers have been able to be benchmarked to the QCEW. Hmmm....).

Remarkably, if you use the January-January time period, 5 out the 8 years Scott Walker was in office featured less job growth than we saw in the last 12 months of the Jim Doyle regime, including each of the last 3 years.

Job growth, Wisconsin
Jan 2010-Jan 2011 32,100 total, 34,200 private sector
Jan 2011-Jan 2012 14,500 total, 30,400 private (post-Act 10)
Jan 2012-Jan 2013 27,700 total, 28,300 private
Jan 2013-Jan 2014 46,100 total, 42,300 private
Jan 2014-Jan 2015 43,000 total, 44,800 private
Jan 2015-Jan 2016 42,900 total, 42,200 private
Jan 2016-Jan 2017 22,000 total, 23,600 private
Jan 2017-Jan 2018 29,400 total, 32,300 private
Jan 2018-Jan 2019 21,600 total, 22,600 private

So if it feels like things slowed down in Wisconsin over the last 3 years, even while the alleged "Trump Boom" fueled by stimulus from the stupid GOP Tax Scam was happening, you're right. It's pretty darned obvious that Scott Walker and the Wisconsin GOP held us back, and it got worse at the end of their Reign of Error.

Bet you won't hear these facts from WisGOP politicians and their spokespeople on AM radio.

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