Wednesday, March 20, 2019

WISGOP throws a tantrum on building projects, and blows their advantage

A few tweets on today's absurdity at the State Building Commission.

But if Vos and Fitz agree with a lot of the projects, why are they ordering their WISGOP appointees not tovote for them?

Here's the most idiotic part about this GOP stunt today. IT DIDNT DO ANYTHING! The whole thing goes to Joint Finance, and projects can be added/removed there just like it would have if the Commission signed off on most/all of the projects.

Look, I get that WisGOP may not like what Evers' did in the Capital Budget. Heck, I think it borrows too much (even if a lot of it is paid back via non-tax sources like room and board, parking, and other user fees), and is so big it gives a too-easy target for it to be criticized.

But instead of surgically improving the Capital Budget and still making the point about "overspending," WisGOP stamps their feet like children saying "NO! NO! NO!" And now the gerrymandered GOP legislators will look very foolish, while needed infrastructure continues to crumble.

I'm sick of these adolescent dopes messing up my state.


  1. lol. So Evers made them reject all the building projects? They are such victims.

  2. Sure looks like they're against (should look good in Dem Campaign ads) a cancer research facility, a juvenile mental health treatment center, veteran nursing home upgrades, the state's National Guard Readiness Center, DNR service centers, UW classrooms, and dozens of other projects. This lack of attention to detail should get them in trouble with their voters, but they're not paying attention either.

  3. They want government in all forms to crumble.