Friday, March 29, 2019

The DeVos Special train wreck of the week

I'll have more on this later (it's been busy here), but one of the highlights of this week was seeing my Congressman make a fool out of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Special Olympics and other Trump-propose cuts to programs that help children with special needs.

What was amazing about this is that Dwhile DeVos was claiming "philanthropy" was all that the Special Olympics needed, and that Special education funding would be cut, she and Trump wanted MORE tax dollars to be sent to their "Jesus rode a dinosaur" schools. Funny how they don't have to rely on the kindness of charity.

And at midday Thursday, DeVos was doubling down, trying to play victim and whining about how she was somehow mistreated for being called out and evading questions. DeVos was also still claiming that Special Olympics didn't need taxpayer funding.

Then, a few hours later....

Dear God. Does this doofus have a clue about what is in his budget. Or any other policy? And also, does Drumpf know he doesn't make that choice to add back money at this point? Only Congress can do that now, Biff.

And Betsy? She also saw the light!

That's all fine and dandy, but this week's folly by the Trump Administration underscores something that applies across a lot of issues with the GOP these days.

"Watch what they do, not what they say." Except when they're called out like DeVos and try to respond. That tends to speak volumes.

PS- Along those same lines.


  1. Betsy is just keeping sweet with her big orange daddy!

  2. DeVos: Cream of the Crap. But then again, this administration proves the old adage that, where greed rules, scum rises to the top.