Monday, December 13, 2021

As COVID sticks around Wisconsin, it's time to stop having MAGAts hold us back

Wisconsin is one of many states that has had to deal with another COVID resurgence as 2021 ends, and the last couple of weeks have had the highest levels of new cases for this year, and are nearly double the amount that we were having at the end of October.

And as the Wisconsin Department of Health Services updates their figures and has more information come in, we see that deaths started rising in late August, and has run consistently near or above 100 COVID fatalities a week over the last 3 1/2 months. However, that's not close to the amount of death that was happening this time last year, before vaccinations were available.

Worse, the hospitals continue to be filled to capacity throughout the state.

Cases continue to be most widespread in the northern and western parts of the state, while heavily-vaccinated Dane County continues to be well below the state rate.

I do want to give one bit of good news, as you can clearly see the disparity in cases among children. High school-aged kids had the most COVID cases last year, but have had fewer cases this year. Meanwhile, you can see that a large gap between children age 9-13 (in yellow) and 4-8 (in orange) has shrunk in the month since children ages 5-11 have been eligible for the vaccine.

As always, vax up and be smart about things. But I'm also done with MAGA areas holding the rest of us back and keeping this virus going. And I think that what the Bizarro Wisconsin known as Colorado has decided to do is good path going forward, even here in Dane County.

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