Wednesday, February 9, 2022

COVID cases diving in February. But that's won't stop WisGOPs from complaining

Throughout this first part of February, it is unmistakable that things have gotten better with COVID in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services says that the 7-day average of new cases is now below 3,000 new cases a day, the lowest levels we've seen in 3 months.

DHS says 70 of the state's 72 counties have had significant declines in new cases in the last 2 weeks, and several counties have fallen out of the "red zone", reserved for counties where at least 1 in 100 residents have tested positive over the previous 14 days.

As more data comes in, it's evident that a big reason behind the January spike in cases was kids going back to school, as children under 18 (shown in blue in this graph) were the only age group seeing a rise in cases in the week after New Year's (when classes resumed).

But that's not stopping Republicans from wanting to take away the ability of Wisconsin school districts to take certain COVID mitigation measures, even if local conditions warrant.

This joins past WisGOP "small government" legislation that current pre-empt Wisconsin cities from allowing higher minimum wages, having more stringent work rules, or protections such as paid sick leave.

But it's not like Wisconsin Republicans care to actually take steps that would remove the COVID cloud and keep it away for the rest of 2022. They want the upheaval and distress that's caused by COVID continuing to hang around, and so they can make up a (non-)issue to distract rubes with. If they keep bringing up stupid distractions, then WisGOPs hope they don't have to answer why they don't want to make things better for the COVID situation....or most anything else.

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