Tuesday, February 22, 2022

WisGOP thought they could ride the Crazy Train to a 2022 win, and now it's off the track

I’ll begin this post by relaying a quote from Green Bay’s State Senator, who carries a quite fitting name.

“I know Biden won Wisconsin, and there wasn't fraud. But others have been told BS that he didn’t, and because they bought that BS, I have to care about what they've been misled to believe.” Wimpy….errr Wimby, indeed. Real statesmanlike stuff, there.

Wimberger's two-stepping is part of a great rundown by the Wisconsin Examiner’s Ruth Conniff, who describes the absurdities of these bills and the related WisGOP shenanigans.
That struggle was on display at the Assembly State Affairs Committee Monday, where GOP committee members attempted to simultaneously encourage and distance themselves from testimony by members of the public spouting conspiracy theories — some of whom pointed fingers at the GOP legislators themselves. The bills the committee put on a fast track Monday, after first announcing them Friday, without input from Democrats, elections officials or voting rights advocates, included a raft of measures Jay Heck of Common Cause described as “hyper-partisan” and “anti-voter.”….

Dominique Uhl, testified to the committee as a concerned citizen who has done her own research into the supposed massive fraud perpetrated by local officials and election clerks with money “laundered” by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg through the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) — a nonprofit organization that provided grants to municipalities to help with the 2020 election. “It’s critical to understanding the scope and size of this election fraud enterprise that individuals were aware that the election officials in the five Wisconsin cities of Madison, Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha and Green Bay formed a contractual alliance that is allegedly criminal when they accepted money from CTCL for their individual cities,” Uhl said. (There is no evidence of anything criminal about the donations from CTCL, which went to pay for personal protective equipment and other supplies in numerous areas around the state, including those where Trump won a majority of votes.)
Typical stupid Big Lie BS from weak people, who all seem to have a lot of time on their hands to “do their own research” while the rest of us have jobs, hobbies, and bills to pay.

But then Conniff adds this part, where the Big Lies come into conflict with other WisGOP BS. And it is awesome.
At the hearing on Monday, the wheels came off the wagon shortly after Rep. Daniel Knodl (R-Germantown), waving around a pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution, introduced a joint resolution calling for a constitutional convention to draft new amendments to the U.S. Constitution focusing on term limits for members of Congress. Three serious-looking schoolgirls showed up to testify rather forcefully against Knodl’s amendment. Elena, “a 16 year old girl who cherishes the Constitution of the United States of America,” lectured a surprised-looking Knodl on the text of Article V. A constitutional convention, she explained, is dangerous, “because it opens the Constitution up to revisions or replacement.” She and Knodl engaged in a brief debate about the text of Article V. Christie, a somber, bespectacled “13-year-old patriot” also opposed Knodl’s resolution, telling him, “It is my deepest dream to die in a free United States.” Her sister, 12-year-old Christie, testified that she is “proud to be an American and Wisconsinite” and that “I believe that opening our Constitution in the convention will ruin our America as we know it.”

The girls, it turned out, were the children of Dominique Uhl, the self-styled investigator of election conspiracies, who returned to the witness table with her husband, Curtis, who wielded his own pocket copy of the Constitution. Curtis expressed his pride in his children. Then warned, “We need to go back to the small precincts, hand-counted ballots and get rid of these machines that can be hacked at will.” Instead of the dangerous idea of a constitutional convention, Republicans should focus on preventing election fraud.
So instead of one non-issue, the Uhls say the WisGOPs should concentrate on another non-issue. Nice use of our tax dollars there.

And you can sense the panic from Assembly Speaker Robbin’ Vos, who now is warning against the Guv candidacy of conspiracy theorist Tim Ramthun.

Gee Robbin’, you mean the whole strategy of stirring up ignorant rubes with Faux News/AM radio conspiracy garbage is getting out of your control? Also remember that ROBBIN CHOSE to have wackadoodle Janel Brantjen be the Chair of the Assembly’s Elections Committee, and to hire the increasingly absurd Michael Gableman for his increasingly wasteful “investigation”.

This is what happens with a party that relies on building a Bubble of BS to win elections, and is incapable of winning on ideas. As long as Vos is the Republicans' Speaker, and as long as election suppression bills are going through the Legislature, ALL Republicans should be assumed to be guilty and awful.

There are no “good ones”. Pick a side, folks.

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