Thursday, June 25, 2015

Onto the next level for Sam and Frank

I could talk about today's historic court decision upholding Obamacare's subisidies on the federal exchanges, and how it bails out to "no-idea on health care" Republican Party- you know, if they were smart enough to STFU and stop appealing to the anti-Obama bigots with a "repeal" posture that'll never happen, and never be accepted by above-ground voters.

But this evening belongs to two guys who represented my alma mater with great pride and dignity in recent years, and now they likely will be the people that make Badgers history for having two Bucky hoopsters going in the 1st round in the same year.

Kick some ass at the next level, Sam and Frank. U RAH RAH!


  1. Nigel Hayes was handling the UW Twitter feed this evening. When asked what sports these guys would have embraced without basketball, his answer for Frank was what you'd expect, soccer. For Sam it was "modeling."

  2. Come on JB!, soccer? modeling? Nigel would have been much more verbose. using words far more magniloquent.

  3. I like the moves for both. Charlotte needs help and Frank gets lottery money, and Houston is a good fit for Dekker- they need depth and scoring off the bench, and they have enough time for Sam to work his way in.

    VERY glad Sam wasn't taken by the Bucks. He didn't fit where the Bucks had needs, the pressure would have been absurd for a mid-first round pick, and meathead fans would have been wanting to rush him into more PT than he needed or deserved. Just not sure why Bucks didn't trade down for a guy they could have gotten later